Become a Member

become_a_memberThe Association of Irish Riding Clubs (A.I.R.C.) is an equestrian sports organisation with around 3,400 members registered to approximately 130 affiliated clubs located throughout the country. Each club belongs to one of eight regions within the Association.

Our primary focus is to enjoy equestrianism at all levels from a beginner rider right up to an experienced and dedicated rider.

This is achieved through a wide range of supports and encouragement for riders including education, training and competitions at club, regional and national level. Many clubs also hold regular social events.

There are many benefits to joining an affiliated club including third party liability and personal accident insurance at A.I.R.C. events, Link-Up our members magazine, a wide range of training and competitive structures including regional qualifiers and championships, to name just a few.

Are you interested in joining a local riding club?

  • You must be aged 17 years or older in order to be eligible to join a local riding club
  • Contact one of your local club secretary’s to discuss membership.

Click here to view and find out more information about local riding clubs in your area, you can sort by county or region.

Discipline Grades

When you join a local club, they will assess your riding ability to ensure you are graded fairly in accordance with our rules. You will be graded in three disciplines – dressage, show jumping and cross-country. For further information on grading, please consult the rule book.

Membership Card

Once you have applied to your local riding club for membership, your club secretary will forward your application to National Office and once processed your membership card will be sent back to your club secretary. You should note that you cannot take part in any activity until you have received your membership card.