Brexit Update: Movement of equines between Ireland & Great Britain

The Department of Agriculture has issued this following information on the movement of equines between Ireland and Great Britain (GB), if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

The department advises that In the event of a no-deal scenario:

  • The Tripartite Agreement between Ireland, France and the UK will no longer apply to the UK;
  • Equines from GB will only be allowed enter Ireland if the UK is listed in the relevant EU legislation
    as a third country allowed to export equines to the EU. If listed, the requirements for moving
    equines from GB to Ireland will depend on the sanitary group (health status category) in which the
    EU places the UK. The European Commission has indicated that the UK should be listed “swiftly”.

If the UK is listed:

  1. Equines from GB can only enter Ireland at an EU border inspection post (BIP) for that species.
    Ireland currently has 2 BIPs through which registered equines1 may enter – Dublin Airport and
    Shannon Airport. Ireland has applied to the European Commission to have Dublin Port and
    Rosslare Europort approved as BIPs through which equines may enter Ireland.
  2. Equines from GB will undergo documentary, identity and physical checks at the BIP.
  3. Each consignment of equines entering Ireland from GB must be accompanied by:
    • an identification document,
    • a completed Export Health Certificate issued by the UK authorities including a completed owner
      declaration, and
    • a Common Veterinary Entry Document.

The department is providing the following Information on common equine movement scenarios:

  1. Moving an equine from Ireland to GB
  2. Moving an equine from Ireland to GB and returning to Ireland
  3. Moving an equine from GB to Ireland

You can download their full advisory note at this link.

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