Our Committees

Board of Directors (Executive Committee)

The Board of Directors, also known as the Executive Committee, is an eight-member committee appointed by the National Committee. Each member is elected to serve a three-year term and is eligible for re-election. The directors work in a voluntary capacity. Directors can be contacted through National Office.

The Honorary President, Helen Mangan, and Honorary Vice President, Gerry Thompson, are eligible to attend board meetings but are not entitled to vote on matters.
ChairmanTonyEnnis2017 – 2019
Vice ChairmanThomas Daniels2018 – 2020
DermotBrislane2017 – 2019
GrainneHealy2017 – 2019
MelissaO’Connor2018 – 2020
LawrenceSmyth2016 - 2018
LouiseSomers2018 - 2020

National Committee

The National Committee comprises of 24 members, three directly elected by each region annually. It meets 4 to 5 times a year.
RegionForenameSurnameContact NumberTerm
Midlands:AnnBloomer087 23695222018
GrainneHealy086 83741792018
Anne MarieQuinlan086 22721072018
North East:LouiseDuffy086 88776802018
Kevin McGuinness087 67072012018
LouiseSomers086 89526452018
South East:DympnaGibbons086 36454322018
MelissaO’Connor087 83373862018
SharonO’Connor 087 23192762018
South Leinster:Hilary MacHugh086 82395152018
MichaelO'Connor087 26584992018
JanePower087 26269362018
South West:JanMusgrave086 24092272018
OrlaO' Kelly086 84578622018
MarieSheehan087 41212902018
West:Thomas Daniels087 25399412018
JohnMcArdle087 90288012018
Lawrence Smyth087 6251252 2018
West Leinster:Fiona Furey087 26765622018
Karyn Jamieson086 02391252018
Maryclare Travers087 41427292018
West Midlands:Dermot Brislane 087 6757292 2018
Tony Ennis086 8617698 2018
Doreen Egan086 81642052018


Referrals and Discipline Committee (RDC)

ForenameSurnameYear Appointed
OliverRyan Purcell2016

Grading Appeals Committee (GAC)

ForenameSurnameYear Appointed
Cmdt Tom Freyne2014
Agnes Gibbons White2014
Joan Keogh2014
Gervaise Maher2014
Helen Mangan2014