Show Officials

The list of show officials below has been approved by regional committees to officiate at AIRC activities.  Please note that only those approved for regional activities may officiate at any inter-club event (i.e. an event involving members from more than one club) in accordance with rule 5, e.

Officials on the Dressage Ireland, Eventing Ireland and ShowJumping Ireland lists are also permitted to officiate at inter-club activities.

Only members of the Association of Irish Riding Clubs may be included on the A.I.R.C. list of approved officials.

If you have any queries, please regarding this list, please contact National Office.


Contact No.
If Dressage, up to
Approval Expires
DavidAbbottSouth EastShow Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2020
DavidAbbottSouth EastShow Jumping Course DesignerRegional Activities2020
GeraldineBellewNorth East087 9751009[email protected]Technical Delegate / Society StewardRegional Activities2020
GeraldineBellewNorth East087 9751009[email protected]Show Jumping Course DesignerRegional Activities2020
MariaCarrickNorth East087 6241743[email protected]Show Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2020
LauraCarrickNorth EastShow Jumping Course DesignerRegional Activities2020
RitaDunneMidlandsShow Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2021
TonyEnnisNationalDressage JudgeNationalAdvanced Open2020
ColetteHoulihanSouth LeinsterShow Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2020
CharlesMaudlinWest087 6468162[email protected]Dressage JudgeRegional ActivitiesAdvanced Open2020
CharlesMaudlinWest087 6468162[email protected]Show Jumping Course DesignerRegional Activities2020
CharlesMaudlinWest087 6468162[email protected]Technical Delegate / Society StewardRegional Activities2020
JacquelineMaudlinWest0906 624488[email protected]Show Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2020
RyanMc BrideWest 083 1662201[email protected]Technical Delegate / Society StewardClub Activities2020
RyanMc BrideWest083 1662201[email protected]Show Jumping Course DesignerClub Activities2020
CormacMc CormackWest087 2514417[email protected]Show Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2020
CatrionaMonks WalshNorth EastDressage JudgeClub ActivitiesIntermediate2019
CatrionaMonks WalshNorth EastShow Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2019
CatrionaMonks WalshNorth EastShow Jumping Course DesignerRegional Activities2019
LisaMulhallSouth EastShow Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2020
Anne Marie GalliganMidlandsShow Jumping Course DesignerRegional Activities2021
OrlaO' ConnellWest086 3626607[email protected]Show Jumping Course DesignerRegional Activities2021
JimmeQuirkeSouth EastShow Jumping Course DesignerRegional Activities2020
JimmeQuirkeSouth East086 8924048[email protected]Show Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2020
LynneThompsonWest078 09413405[email protected]Show Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2020
MarkWalshSouth East087 9928112[email protected]Show Jumping Course DesignerRegional Activities2020
PatriciaWarrenWest086 3761863[email protected]Show Jumping JudgeRegional Activities2020
PatriciaWarrenWest086 3761863[email protected]Dressage JudgeRegional ActivitiesAdvanced Open2020
PatriciaWarrenWest086 3761863[email protected]Show Jumping Course DesignerRegional Activities2020
PatriciaWarrenWest086 3761863[email protected]Technical Delegate / Society StewardRegional Activities2020
RuthWisemanWest LeinsterDressage JudgeRegional ActivitiesAdvanced Open2020