10% discount for Yourtonic.com online orders

Yourtonic.com, a new Irish company based in Dublin specialising in complementary health products and information has officially launched. What separates yourtonic.com from your conventional health store is they have chosen quality over quantity and after consulting with a number of nutritionists and industry experts; Yourtonic.com have selected the best of breed vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies, narrowing down a list of 1000’s to 100’s of products.

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“There is a massive range out there of products who promise to do this and that for you and some if not most of them certainly have positive benefits – but where do you begin and end? – well that’s where Yourtonic.com comes into its work – Yourtonic.com does the work for you and brings the crème de la crème of brands and related products to your armchair so all you have to do is turn the computer on and get searching for related articles and products that you feel will work for you” according to founder Catherine Mulcahy.